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NQMC reaches a large audience within the United States and abroad, offering developers an effective vehicle for the dissemination of measures that meet the NQMC Inclusion Criteria. Measure submissions accepted for inclusion are identified on the Measure Summaries In Progress page, and once posted to the NQMC Web site, are announced in our New This Week. To receive notification when new information is available including publication of your organization’s measures, subscribe to the New This Week Weekly E-mail.

Notice to Our Users

Effective July 17, 2016, NQMC is focusing on cancer care-related measures only. Contact Us with any questions.

Ready to Submit?

Download Measure Submission Kit .ZIP File (330.8 KB)

The Measure Submission Kit
File PDF Word
Submission Guidance PDF (44.4 KB) Word (45.1 KB)
NQMC Inclusion Criteria PDF (54.2 KB) Word (45.9 KB)
Measure Submission Checklist PDF (54.3 KB) Word (45.9 KB)
Glossary of Terms PDF (191.6 KB) Word (70.8 KB)
Copyright Agreement Form PDF (44.7 KB) Word (45.6 KB)

What to Expect After Submission

  • 1 Measures submitted to NQMC and copyright received (if applicable)
  • 2NQMC reviews against inclusion criteria and developer is notified of submission status (2 to 3 weeks)
  • 3Measures enter NQMC work queue (summaries prepared and reviewed) (approximately 8 to 10 weeks)
  • 4Developer verification (3 to 4 weeks)
  • 5Post to NQMC Web site (2 to 3 weeks)
  • 6Annual verification — reassess currency of measures annually

Page Last Reviewed or Updated: October 18, 2016