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NQMC's RSS feature allows you to easily incorporate news and information from the Web site and link back to NQMC for detailed summaries and other features.

An RSS file is a syndicated XML file containing news, content links and descriptive metadata such as title, publication date, and description. NQMC offers the following RSS Feeds:

  •  Complete Inventory: The Complete Inventory file contains a complete inventory of measure summary and expert commentary titles, as well as their UMLS concepts.
  •  New This Week: The New This Week file captures the latest publication information.
  •  Announcements: The Announcements file contains important information regarding measures.

By incorporating these files, you will receive links to NQMC's latest content, updated on a weekly basis.

Note: Internet Explorer 8 and 9 limit the size of RSS feeds to 15 MB. If you have trouble viewing the feed in this browser, right-click on the RSS link and select the "Save Target As" option to save and view the contents locally.

These feeds are compatible with RSS 2.0 readers such as the following:

To learn more about UMLS concepts, please visit the FAQ page. To learn more about RSS 2.0, read the RSS 2.0 Specifications External Web Site Policy.

Page Last Reviewed or Updated: July 15, 2016