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Search Tips

Search is run by a powerful engine, providing the best results. Results are ranked to ensure the most important matches are at the top of the page. Search inputs are not case-sensitive; simply type in a word or phrase.

To narrow search results:

  • Enter a CUI number or specific vocabulary code (SNOMEDCT, ICD-9-CM, UMDNS) by itself for exact matches.
  • Enclose a word or phrase in quotation marks for exact matches (Note: The use of quotation marks bypasses the semantic piece of the search engine).
  • Use a Boolean operator (AND, OR, NOT) to make logical connections between search terms.
  • Include hyphens in search terms for results dependent on punctuation.
  • Add an asterisk at the end of a search term for truncation (e.g., diabet*).
  • Locate a specific measure summary by document number (e.g., ##10880).
  • Locate a specific measure summary by NQF number (e.g., NQF 0018 or NQF0018).

For more information on Search, visit the About Search & Browse page.

Page Last Reviewed or Updated: October 28, 2016